SPS launches Specialist People Solutions

Posted 17/03/2020

Specialist People Solutions is officially launched – here’s the announcement we made from our main SPS channel!

Some of you know us as SPS, Specialist Property Services, but we also have SPS, Specialist People Solutions, recognising all the great people-services we provide to over 450 customers every day, and night, 24/7, 365 days a year.

For over 30 years we have provided customers throughout UK and Europe with a range of call centre solutions. We are experts in out of hours call handling, crisis lines, ASB, outsourced FM help desk services. We act as you when your office close, or if you need call overflow.

Our simple but effective solutions allows you to work on your speciality whilst we act as your people support service: note  takers, virtual secretary, virtual back office.

Whether it be social housing, medical, NHS, FM, Education, Entertainment or Sport and Leisure we cover all markets with specialist people services 24/7.


With Specialist People Solutions, we offer customer-centric, people services throughout the UK. 

Services include:

Outsourcing call centre activities

Call Handing – 24/7 as well as OOH

Social Care support lines

Complaint handling on behalf of others

Survey Services

Whistleblowing services

Debt recovery

People matter – we know it, embrace it and we give people the attention they deserve.

We’re excited to finally announce the launch of Specialist People Solutions and look forward to speaking with you soon!