A Thank You to the SPS team

Posted 08/04/2020

Thank you to all of you, who have coped so well and been amazing throughout this difficult time.

Call handlers and Managers are working tirelessly to ensure all calls are processed and jobs completed, to our usual high standards.  Our engineers, operatives, and support teams like IT and procurement are working around the clock to keep key-workers safe,  issuing PPE, laptops and maintaining a stable connection across all networks, to keep us communicating across UK and Europe.

I recognise you are dealing with difficult situations on every call and at every home,  and I acknowledge all that you are doing.

All of these challenges have been handled virtually, at home, keeping safe, yet with no one to break the tension with. Then you have to bounce back and go straight on to another call. The simple luxury of being able to work collaboratively and transfer calls to a colleague is not as easy an option right now but I am delighted with the perseverance the team has demonstrated.

We took over 2000 calls in 2 days, many issues to cope with and giving support to strangers that needed our help.  Calls were much longer  and more complex than we are used to.

THANK YOU everyone, you are doing a brilliant job and stress that if any of you needs support or wants to talk, please reach out and ask.

STAY SAFE EVERYONE  and follow the rules.